Green River Birch Tree, Terracotta Planter. Invite sense of nature into your home with this artificial river birch tree. Standing 53 tall, its features vivid green foliage, sprouting from sturdy stems. Fixed in terracotta planter accented with natural moss. Great for adding natural elements to an otherwise bare space.

Green Robellini Palm Tree, Terra Cotta Planter. Transport yourself to tropical destination with this artificial robellini palm tree showcasing vivid green leaves fanning from single, textured trunk. Reaching 68 high from terracotta planter, it would look great in an open living or dining room.

Green Rubber Plant, Terra Cotta Decoration. Brighten up your indoor space with this artificial rubber plant that’s tucked in simplistic terra cotta plant. Many highly detailed and smooth edged green leaves give this magnificent 29-inch ornament lush look. Set this on top of your sofa table with colorful books, or position some matte vases, candle holders, and vintage glassware next to it for complete setup.

Terracotta Tree Planter, Artificial Green Leaves Decor

Green River Birch Terracotta Tree Planter
Green Robellini Palm, TerraCotta
Green Rubber Plant, TerraCotta
Green Ruffle Fern Palm, TerraCotta

Green Ruffle Fern Palm Tree, Terra Cotta Silk Decor. Various green ferns are arranged to extend outward in different directions with this artificial ruffle fern tree. With height of 3.5 feet, the tree comes nestled within an included palm. You can place this ornament in living room or sun room between tan or light colored furniture for beautiful green accent.

Terracotta Silk Planter, Silk Tree, artfully terracotta arranged variegated green leaves

Yellow Sansevieria Plant, Terra Cotta
Multicolor Sansevieria Plant, Terra-Cotta
Green Schefflera Tree, Terra Cotta
Silver Silver King Plant, Terra Cotta

Yellow Sansevieria Plant, Terracotta Decor. Standing at just 28 inches and settled in home decor, this artificial sansevieria is the perfect size to accent any space. With flat green leaves that are lined with yellow and have dark green stripes, this ornament appears more vibrant and lifelike.

Place it on your kitchen island, or breakfast nook’s table and settle bowl of real or faux fruit next to it for fun and refreshing arrangement.

Multicolor Sansevieria Plant, Terra-Cotta decor. Splash year round greenery throughout your home or office with the help of this artificial sansevieria plant boasting bright, pointed leaves that fan upwards in naturally occurring hues. Standing 23 high from decor stabilized with natural tone rocks, this handsome fake plant can instantly spruce up tight space.

Green Schefflera Tree, Terracotta decor. This 4.5 schefflera artificial tree will bring both clean and fresh aura to your space with its realistic, lush variegated green leaves. Contained within minimalist terra cotta, use this ornament to fill wasted spot in your dining or living room. Or place it on simple wooden table for an added height in any space. Includes bed of faux green moss for complete arrangement.

Silver Silver King Plant, Terra Cotta Planter. With artfully arranged variegated green leaves, this artificial silver king plant is pleasing to the eye. The feather like leaves splay outwards and beautifully overlap one another while they rest in simple terra cotta decor. With its lush greenery, this 29-inch ornament will give your space noticeable tropical look.

Set this on your coffee table for natural centerpiece, or place it on the mantel opposite metal candlestick set for chic finish.