Red Succulent Garden Terracotta Planter. This succulent artificial decor sports small yet thick that are in shades of vivid red and green. Coming in small vase topped with faux river rocks, you can use this piece to spruce up your sideboard, mantelpiece or window sill. Settle it as centerpiece with two decorative red, green, or brown vases on each side of it for complete polished and sophisticated look.

Terracotta Decor Succulent Plant, Artificial Flora, Decorative Bowls

Green Succulent Plant, Elephant, Snail Planter. Thick green foliage with purple accents make up this succulent artificial decor. When these two colors combine, they can create peaceful and calm feeling in any room. Coming in set of two with snail and elephant decor, you can perch these two pieces at the end of your kitchen bar. To add to the southwestern inspired look, place faux or real fruit in stone or Terracotta bowl and position it as centerpiece.

Multicolor Mixed Plant, Terra-Cotta Planter. Incorporate realistic textures throughout everyday spaces with this artificial decor, boasting various, realistic looking flora, each designed in complementary earth tones and handsomely nestled amid natural moss. Reaching 12 wide from Terracotta planter, this handsome fake plant would breathe life into the smallest of spaces.

Red Succulent Garden Plant, Terracotta
Green Succulent Plant, Elephant, Snail
Multicolor Mixed Succulent Plant, Terra-Cotta
Green Mixed Succulents Plant, Small   Vase,  Place it on console table or kitchen island and accent it with decorative bowl

Artificial Succulent Plant

Green Mixed Decor, Small Terracotta Vase. Nestled in small vase, this mixed flora artificial decor features variety of leaves ranging from green to purple to orange. The appearance of this succulents thick foliage feels like it is filled with water, making this 11-inch piece look more realistic. Place it on console table or kitchen island and accent it with decorative bowls or jars for natural finish. Comes with faux river rocks.

Green Travelers Palm Tree, Terracotta
Green Olive Tree, Terracotta

Green Travelers Palm Tree Planter. This 5 travelers palm artificial tree has several large green leaves that are arranged to extend upward. With its lush greenery, this ornament will enhance any white themed setups. Settle this in your kitchen or dining room and pair it with other faux plants and flowers for complete indoor garden. The entire ornament sits in simple planter filled with green moss.

Green Olive Tree Planter. This 34-inch artificial olive tree will surely brighten up any secluded area with its lush green leaves and realistic dark olives.

Situated in simplistic Terracotta planter filled with bright green moss, you can place it at the end of your kitchen countertop for some added greenery. Place plant it on your foyer console table to greet your guests with warmth.