Blue Triple Cycas Plant, Blue Planter Silk Tree. Forming several lush layers, the green foliage of the triple artificial decor appears so soft, you might be tempted to reach out and touch it. With mellow blue planter included, use this decorative plant to enhance your breakfast nook’s decor by setting it on either side of your dining set. Pair it with white or blue teacup topped with faux greenery as centerpiece for complete look.

Green Triple Cycas Plant, Decorative Planter, Silk Tree. Native to the old world, the artificial triple cycas is timeless plant that is suitable to be used in either home or office. Settled in decorative vase, you wont be able to look away from the delicate, full greenery that will stand out in any room. If using it to decorate your home, then place it in your sunroom, allowing the natural light to filter through and illuminate the brilliant green foliage of this faux plant.

Green Triple Cycas Plant, Farmhouse Planter, Silk Tree. Soft, lush green fronds that feather out in several different directions make up this artificial triple artificial decor. With decorative farmhouse barrel planter included, this 4-foot tall ornament will make bold statement when placed in your entryway, hallway, or foyer. You can settle this piece among your artificial flowering plants to make lush arrangement in your home.

Gray Triple Cycas Plant, Gray Silk Tree. Dense layers of green foliage top gray planter with this artificial triple cycas plant. Simple, but no less beautiful in design, the natural look of this items planter makes it the perfect addition to rustic-styled home. To finish off the look, be sure to pair this piece with soft leather furniture with simple lines and an end table with distressed or weathered finish.

Silk Cycas Plant Artificial Tree

Blue Triple Cycas Plant, Blue Planter Silk Tree, Artificial triple decor
Green Triple Cycas Plant, Decorative Artificial triple decor
Green Triple Cycas Plant, Farmhouse Planter
Gray Triple Cycas Plant, Gray Planter Silk Tree
Orange Triple Plant, Orange Silk Tree
Green Triple   Plant, Silk Tree
Green Triple Cycas Plant, Slate
Green Triple Plant, Urn, Silk Tree

Silk Artificial Cycas Plant Decor Tree, Perfect Retro Look

Orange Triple Cycas Plant, Orange Planter Silk Tree. Standing in warm orange planter, the 4.5 triple cycas artificial plant has lush green fronds that feather out beautifully from their large trunks. With its bold appearance, this 4.5-foot ornament will create wonderful statement in your home and office. To create the perfect retro look in your living room, try combining this piece with other artificial trees and settle them next to your blue sofa set.

Green Triple Cycas Plant, Silk Tree. Forming an umbrella of green leaves that cascade over its three natural-looking thick trunks, this artificial triple cycas plant will be classic addition to your home or office. Closely resembling the real thing, you will never have to water this ornament to keep the green foliage from wilting and it will look fresh for years to come. Place this at the end of your office desk or next to your cabinet for natural-looking arrangement.

Green Triple Cycas Plant, Slate Planter, Silk Tree. The feather-like green fronds of this cycas artificial decor lay on top of one another, giving this piece full and dramatic look. At at height of 4.5 feet, this beautiful ornament comes in slate finished planter. With its intense green coloring, it’ll make good focal point in any part of your home. You can position it up against blank white wall or next to mahogany end table or dresser to accent these spaces.

Green Triple Cycas, Urn, Silk Tree. Standing at height of 4.5 feet, the triple cycas artificial decor is the perfect decor item to add brilliant pop of greenery to your reading nooks setup. Sporting multiple layers of green foliage, the faux plant comes in sand colored urn, giving this piece simple yet elegant look.

Place this Silk Cycas item beside your low bookcase that is filled with your favorite books for lovely plant finish